About Us

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About Tall Timber Tree-ations


Tall Timber Tree-ations started in 2002 when a local garden shop owner asked Bill Collier if he could make an Easter basket style planter for them.  The man who had been making the baskets could no longer do it.  Bill had never tried to build a basket.  He had seen them before, but most of them were really bad attemptsThe handles were weak and the timber angles did not meet.  Bill thought he could build a better basket.  Bill knew he would first need some special new tools, so he had to talk his wife, Debby, into it.  Good excuse for some new tool!.  HA!  So, they bought a band saw & a few other small tools to get started.  This was really taking a chance because Bill didn't know if the garden shop owner would purchase the new designed Easter bastet or not.  Bill spent the next two evenings assembling the band saw and figuring out the dimentions of the timbers.  Landscape timbers are not all created equal, and this really gave Bill fits trying to make the angles mate together at first.  He did it!  The owner of the garden shop put in an order for 100 planters & TALL TIMBER TREE-ATIONS was created.  Since then, the business has grown to numerous other "TREE-ATIONS". 


Tall Timber Tree-ations

Bill and Debby Collier